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Our Stevedoring team is backed by expert knowledge, experience and competence in handling all kind of Dry Bulk, Break-Bulk, Projects and Heavy-Lift Cargo. We work closely with our clients and provide bespoke services as demanded by Vessel Operators, Vessel / Cargo Owners, Charterers, Specialist Forwarders and Project Managers alike. Our in-house logistics capabilities ensure seamless, cost effective and prompt movement of cargoes, irrespective of its nature, shape, size, weight and location of the cargo.


  • Unloading of Dry Bulk Cargo using Ship Gears or Shore Unloaders
  • Shifting of Cargo to Storage Area at Port / Warehouse
  • Water Sprinkling facilities for Coal/Coke
  • Bagging Services for delivery by Rake or Road

Coal, Coke, Cement, Fertilizer, Sugar, Copper Concentrate, Gypsum, etc.


  • Unloading of General Break-Bulk, Heavy-Lift, ODC Cargo using Ship Gears or Shore Cranes.
  • Fleets of Cranes and Forklifts for Receiving and Handling Cargo at Wharf side.
  • Fleet of Trailers for Shifting of Cargo from Wharf to allotted Storage Area / Client's Storage Site.
  • Fleet of Heavy Lift Equipments for Tandem operations.
  • Facilities for onboard Lashing / Securing and Dismantling of Cargo.
  • Dispatch of Cargo from Port by Rail / Road.
  • Storage Area for Imported / Export Cargo inside Port.

Steel, Granite, Coated / Uncoated Pipes, Glass, Machineries, Project Cargo, etc.


  • Fleet of Front Loaders, Dumpers, Grabs, Trucks and Trailers.
  • Forklifts with lifting Capacity from 3 tons to 35 Tons.
  • Specially Designed Forklifts for Handling Steel Coils and Steel Sheets.
  • Shore Cranes with lifting Capacity up to 100 Tons.
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes with 45 Tons lifting Capacity.
  • Weigh Bridge inside our Warehouse / Storage Facility.

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History repeats itself. PSTS wins  Best Stevedore Award for the 5th consecutive year.
Stevedore of the Year Award 2018
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Globalise Your Business in the United Arab Emirates 2018
Stevedore of the Year Award
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EXIM Service Award 2013
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"CT&C approached PSTS in 1993 for a longer term solution for handling its export cargo in a professional and timely fashion. Tuticorin had little or no infrastructure for handling bulk tea shipments at the time, but PSTS not only took up the challenge, but today has the finest infrastructure for handling tea shipments out of Tuticorin port! Over the years, our shipments have grown 10 times and a great portion of the credit, for this success, can be ascribed to PSTS for living up to its reputation for innovation and customer service."

Indrajit Chatterjee
Container Tea & Commodities (CT&C)